11 June 2014

Cosy Coffee #1 – Abergavenny

Most weekends I am lucky enough to get the chance to visit a coffee shop or two. I love coffee, and I love drinking it while out in town or during a day spent shopping. My sister Emily came over on Saturday and we took a trip into town with baby OH for a walk. It began to rain so we took cover in the ever so cosy Coffee #1.

Emily got a deluxe hot chocolate. The best thing about Coffee #1's hot chocolate is that it isn't too sweet. They make it with green & black's drinking chocolate which is very rich and luxurious.
I love how much there is to choose from at Coffee #1 – I was so tempted by the Bounty hot chocolate, but I really needed my coffee fix and the lemon tart looked like the perfect partner...

Mm mm mmmm. Lemon flavoured things can be a bit hit or miss. I love the zesty, sweet but not too sweet kind of lemon and this tart was exactly that – so creamy and melt in the mouth.

Olivia slept for the whole time, and it was no wonder – the rain outside and the warm, homely feel inside Coffee #1 was so relaxing. It is one of my favourite coffee shops (the one in Monmouth is also gorgeous) and I highly recommend it if you want a change from the other chains. It is definitely one of the homeliest coffee shops in town and the quality, quantity and cost of their products are all fantastic. Have you ever been to Coffee #1? What's your go-to coffee shop when you need your coffee/hot chocolate fix?


  1. That lemon tart looks amazing! Sounds like a gem of a place xo

    1. It was SO GOOD. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever near one - I think they're only in the south west and wales at the mo!
      N xo


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