24 June 2014

I got Instagram!

http://scontent-a-lhr.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xap1/l/t51.2885-15/10424481_1493233417578140_907049180_n.jpgI resisted downloading Instagram for a VERY long time. I did not seeing the point of it when I have and use Twitter, but I finally succumbed last night after realising every blogger and their mother has the app, and felt I was seriously missing out.

Also, last weekend I left my camera in Cheltenham and won't be getting it back until mid July(!) I was (still am) distraught about this as I had taken some gorgeous photos, but they will not be appearing on WNW until next month I'm afraid :( so for now, I'll be using my phone with the Instagram app and a digital camera my Dad is lending me. Let's see if I can get any decent shots without DSLR quality.

Have you got Instagram? Leave your handle below and I'll check out your page. I'll be using my account for blog purposes mainly - a little like how I use Pinterest. You can follow me on Instagram here @wnwrote


  1. My Instagram is @alzgalzz

    Alice x

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