13 April 2014

Vietnamese Street Food: Pho – Islington

*Angels sing*
Nothing compares to Vietnamese food. Nothing. Summer rolls are truly heavenly. The first time I tried them I swear my life changed forever. They're so fresh and yummy. You have to try some. You have to. And you have to go to Pho. I went last weekend with my sister and her friend and I've been dreaming about it ever since.

A stream of shops and restaurants line Upper Street in Islington, and Pho sits casually in the middle, being all cool.

It's a really relaxed atmosphere inside and the staff were too. The menu listed so many things, from salads, to soups and noodle dishes. I decided to go for something I wouldn't usually order and chose a shredded chicken salad, along with summer rolls (obviously) and to drink - an apple, mint and lime juice. I'm so into these fresh mint and lime concoctions.

The sauces – hot sauce, hoi sin sauce, chilli and garlic sauce... They were, arguably, the best aspect of the meal.

Fresh summer rolls – we ordered prawn and chicken ones <3

My salad was incredible. Everything tasted mildly pickled, fresh and crunchy, a bit like a bigger version of the filling in the summer roll. So, naturally, I was happy. This was the best salad I have ever had. It was full of flavour and zing.

My sister and her friend ordered noodle dishes, one chicken, one beef, and they were served at room temperature in 'true Vietnamese style'.

And pictured here is my apple, lime and mint juice. I was confused as to why it was opaque, and had a creamy taste to it... The menu didn't say anything about coconut milk but I'm sure that's what I could taste in it! Nonetheless, it was refreshing and perfect to wash down my main. 

As soon as we left I wanted to go back. Why don't I live nearer to Pho? You can find out more about this Vietnamese street food restaurant here. I am now even more adamant to visit Vietnam so I can eat more of its fantastic food!


  1. This looks fab, I tried summer rolls for the first time before Christmas at Miss Chu's Tuckshop in Aldgate but I have a feeling that the good Vietnamese food will really start to come into its own over summer when it starts getting hot.

    1. Oh my goodness Lisa, Miss Chu's Tuckshop looks like my kinda place! LOVE your post on it
      N xo

  2. ahh i'm so glad you tried Pho! it's such a great little place, and i am now craving Vietnamese like nothing else. the juice sounds exceptionally delicious as well x

    1. It is the perfect food (and drink!) for spring/summer. Oh gosh I am craving it so bad right now!
      N xo


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