23 April 2014

Lime & Mint Iced Tea

This recipe was inspired by the mojitos I made a couple of weekends ago, which were delicious but for a non-alcoholic and much healthier version, check this out: lime & mint iced green tea. I'm amazed at my own creativity. 

I used jasmine green tea because I was also trying to recreate the amazing iced tea I had at Ping Pong a few weeks ago, but also because it is my favourite kind of green tea. For a mintier flavour, use peppermint tea, or green tea with mint. You can use just about anything for this, actually. I love iced tea any time of year, but it's especially good for the warmer months.

Recipe for Lime & Mint Iced Tea
Makes about 6 glasses


  • 4 limes
  • 4 tbsp sweet freedom (or sugar)
  • One packet of fresh mint, (or about 40 leaves)
  • Three teabags of your choice – I used jasmine green tea
  • Ice
  • Water

1. Put your teabags in a jug and let the tea steep in boiling water for a few minutes. Because I used green tea I didn't want to leave it in too long because it can leave a bitter taste. So I left mine in for two minutes. Then put it in the fridge to cool. Add some ice to speed up the cooling process.

3. While the tea is cooling, juice the four limes, wash the mint and put it all in another jug. Bash it all up with a wooden spoon – this will release the mint oils.

4. Add the sugar or sweet freedom and mix it all together. Pour this into another jug in which you'd like to serve your tea and add some ice.

5. Add the cooled tea and garnish with extra mint leaves and lime wedges.

6. Pour and serve with even more ice and mint. Healthy, delicious, refreshing and perfect for these beautifully light evenings we're getting. I am definitely making this when I finally get round to having my first barbeque of the year.

Do you think you'll have a go at making this? It's really easy and sooo yummy. Lime and mint just work together. What's your go to recipe for iced tea? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me @hello_flower – I am loving iced tea at the moment and would love to know all your recommendations.


  1. I am absolutely trying this on the next sunny day we have! Mojitos are my favourite cocktail so it'll be nice to have a non-alcoholic version too. Plus I love tea! Best of both worlds :)

    1. It literally does taste JUST like a mojito but without the rum, if that's possible?! So you'll love it!
      Let me know how it turns out :)
      N xo

    2. Haven't had a mojito in forever. They're delicious, though, so I'm definitely planning to try your tea.

  2. I must try this! It looks incredible :) it doesn't look to complicated either! x

  3. I love this post, it SCREAMS summer! It looks so refreshing and revitalising, can't wait to give it a go! Brilliant post doll <3

    Claire xo


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