31 January 2014

Word of the Week

I meant to post this on Sunday. I wrote it on my hand, but soap washed it away. Biro ink usually takes ages to come off. I remembered the word anyway, as if I had written it on my memory. Remember to write about that, Naomi.

This happens all too often when I'm waiting to fall asleep at night. Maybe I'm thinking about someone, something - an event - and I'll furiously type out a powerful post about love and strength and goals and happiness - all in the endless space in my mind. And then I fall asleep because I tell myself now is not the time - I have to be up in six or so hours and there is no time to be feeling inspired. I'll write about it, maybe not straight away, but when it niggles and makes my fingers fidget and I have to log on and type it out, get it out, at a sensible time of day.

So, here I am writing about this, and it's been a work in progress for the entirety of this week so I'm pretty pleased that I haven't whimsically published it without thinking to read it through. It's not the middle of the night, but it's getting there.


On Sunday I went to church and took with me a new notebook. I decided it would be a good idea for two reasons:
1. I could write in it to stop me falling asleep in case the sermon was boring
2. I could write notes on the sermon if it wasn't boring
It turned out that I would write notes on the sermon, because, after all, it wasn't boring. A woman called Kath was speaking and I enjoyed and understood everything she said. She spoke clearly and passionately, but did not use volume to try and push her words onto anyone. I liked it and the first two pages of my notebook were filled with helpful verses and things I need to remember like, God approves of me, and I should share my troubles with people I care about - it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I spend too much time comparing myself to others, thinking of ways to improve myself, to make myself more like people I deem 'better' than me. Anyway, Kath used a word during the talk that I knew I wanted to be my word of the week, and that word was 'thwart'.

Do you ever notice that with some words, they just keep popping up? For months my predictive text on my phone automatically changes the word 'thinking' to 'thwarting' and it has been irritating me so much! It was only on Sunday when I heard the word used in context that I really appreciated it, and wanted to incorporate it into my own vocabulary. I won't let anyone or anything thwart me, least of all the thoughts in my head.



  1. isn't it so funny how words sometimes just appear out of nowhere for the first time and then all of a sudden they're everywhere? It always seems to me like that can't just be a coincidence - like you were meant to keep seeing the word everywhere so it could bring you a message.
    That's exactly what your situation sounded like - I love it when things like that happen! Congratulations on finding your new word.

    1. It's so strange, isn't it? I can't figure out if it's just because we never noticed them before, or if they are deliberately following us... :)
      Thank you, Daisy.
      N xo

  2. This is very cool post, and word! I always wrote posts in my head before falling asleep and they are brilliant lol I wake up go to my laptop and don't remember a word!

    1. It's always the way! Why do we feel inspired at the most inappropriate times?!
      N xo


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