3 January 2014

New Year Lunch at Mishkin's - Covent Garden

One of the reasons I started What Naomi Wrote was because I stumbled across Estée's blog and YouTube channel 'essiebutton' at the end of 2012 and was inspired to create my own space on the internet. I discovered a whole world of bloggers and youtubers that I never knew existed before. I was amazed - this was what I had been looking for pretty much my whole life. I don't read many magazines - they are expensive and usually filled with rubbish so discovering quality online content was great.

To this day I still make sure I catch up with Estée's channel and blog because she is so honest, down to earth and intelligent. I feel like I can trust everything she says even though I have never met the woman. Okay, I realise how much of a creeper I sound, but if you haven't followed Estée's blog or subscribed to her YouTube channel, do it now. She helped me save a tonne of money when I was switching my high end brands to 'drug store' brands. Even though I am not a beauty blogger, I still love to read others and Estée's in particular.

Anyway, in a few of Estée's videos she mentioned a place in London called Mishkin's - and like a lot of things she shares on her channel and blog, I was interested. I wanted to visit this place. I wanted to taste the Reuben on Rye for myself. I love sandwiches. I love pickles. I love pastrami. I love cheese. I like most food but I really liked the look of this place. So, when I was visiting my good friend Jess in London over the new year, we took a visit to the restaurant that describes itself on its website as 'a kind-of Jewish deli.'

Situated on Catherine Street in Covent Garden, opposite the Theatre Royal where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical is showing (excellent musical - go see it!), Mishkin's was filling fast but my friend Jess and I were seated straight away.

When everything on the menu calls your name, you know you've found the one. I wish I had gone to Mishkin's sooner, but I know there will be plenty more visits in the future.

Mishkin's resembled somewhat of an American diner, although a more polished version of one you might see in a movie. What Jess and I loved was how close the tables were to each other - we enjoyed listening into locals' conversations about their typical Londoner lives while we chowed down on our fat sandwiches and fries.

The staff were so nice and attentive. As soon as we sat down our waiter poured us some water and handed us the menus. We both ordered a half sandwich each and East End fries and onion rings to share. Another plus was the option of small or large for each dish, consequently reducing the overall cost of the meal which is always good, especially in central London. I nipped to the loo and by the time I returned our food had arrived.

I have to say, the onion rings were a tad on the greasy side and I would have liked them to be slightly browner but that's just me being picky - everything else was spot on.

Those pickles. Oh my. As I write this I can feel my stomach longing for another Reuben on Rye. The bread was delicious and perfectly toasted. There was a generous serving of meat and cheese stuffed inside and I think it goes without saying that it tasted fantastic. I don't know what more I can say - if you like sliders, mac n cheese and salt beef - and who doesn't - you'll love Mishkin's. I can't wait to go again. 

The only disappointment was the 12% service charge automatically added to the bill which I just don't agree with no matter where I dine, especially since it used to be 10%! I am all for tipping exceptional service,  but when it is assumed or taken without consent it bothers me. We visited another restaurant during my visit and when we paid the bill the waitress actually asked us if we wanted the change! We said yes out of principle. We were shocked that she had even asked. In my opinion, tipping is at the discretion of the customer - not the company. Regardless, we were happy to tip Mishkin's as the service and food were equally outstanding.


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