29 January 2014

Loving: Coconut

Never have I been more obsessed with a particular scent or flavour as I have been with coconut recently. I think I have Estée from essiebutton to blame (or thank!) - she does seem to have quite an influence on what I purchase beauty-wise but what can I say, the woman knows her stuff and since she first talked about using coconut oil in her hair I was curious to do the same.

After a bit of research I realised that the coconut oil I bought from Superdrug was the 'refined' type and there was a more expensive sort that is raw, completely natural and versatile. I wanted to make some body scrubs and creams for Christmas presents so I ordered this 500ml jar of coconut oil from Amazon and I have to say, the difference in quality is astounding. The consistency of the natural coconut oil is much smoother - it melts almost instantly in my hands and the smell is incredible. Plus, you can eat it! (Check out my recent post on coconut popcorn here to see how).

The coconut oil worked amazingly in the body scrubs and butters I made, and it also acts as a fantastic scalp treatment and body moisturiser. Last weekend I rubbed a scoop of the oil into my hands and massaged it into my dry hair, tied it up for an hour and then washed my hair like normal - my hair was soo squeaky clean and shiny afterwards! As a moisturiser it isn't greasy at all. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft and smelling lovely.

The Body Shop do a great range of coconut products and I have had pretty much all of them on my wishlist for a loooong time. I got the shower cream for Christmas and decided to buy the body mist and soap when there was a 40% sale a few weeks ago (LOVE their sales). I have got myself into a bit of a routine now: coconut shower cream in the shower, moisturise with coconut oil, spray the coconut mist all over my body and hair to lock in the coconut goodness. You can never have too much coconut.

Are there any other coconutty things I should know about? I think this is a love that is here to stay!


  1. I am totally "nutty" for coconut products too!! I love the smell, and they always seem to do such great things for hair, skin and everywhere else.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog is one of my new favourites! I've just done my Liebster Award blog post and have nominated you as one of the blogs I'd like to pass it onto.

    Check it out here: http://www.shabby-chic-home.com/blogging/liebster-award/.

    Victoria, x shabby-chic-home.com

    1. It is a fantastic little 'fruit' and I love how versatile it is :)
      Thank you so much, you are too kind! I'm glad you like it
      N xo

  2. Really love this post, and your blog in general :) I use coconut oil sometimes to remove my makeup when my skin is feeling particularly sensitive. Also have a liquid coconut 'beauty' oil from The Body Shop, it leaves my skin looking so smooth and really does get rid of imperfections x



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