6 January 2014

Loving: Olive

Olive Store, Cheltenham, England
One thing that came from my three years spent in the spa town of Cheltenham was discovering the beautiful shop Olive. Situated just off the high street in the town centre, the window displays of neutral, unique and attractive garments drew me in, and from the first time I stepped inside, I was in love with the place.

Every time I went into town (which was, admittedly, quite a lot) I would go into Olive and admire each item and long for pretty much everything they sold. Of course I never bought any of it, what with living on a student budget, and the stock being so fairly priced, but each Christmas and Birthday I hoped someone would take note of how much I loved the shop and buy me something from there - because I said and I still maintain it to this day that I would happily sport anything sold in Olive. Everything in there is stunning.

Hurrah for Christmas day 2013! Every year, my best friend Bethan comes round after church and we exchange gifts. This year I was a little hungover and she had slept in so neither of us made it to the Christmas day service but she came round anyway and presented me with - among other lovely things - this absolutely beautiful scarf. 

I am in love with this scarf. It is so soft and the colours are perfect. My winter coat is navy blue and so is my hat. Olive had actually posted a photo of a range of these scarves on their Facebook page and I had shared the post on my wall, stating 'Christmas please!' thinking nothing of it, and Bethan - who lives in Cheltenham still - sneakily went into the shop and chose this one for me. 

I miss being able to go into Olive and admire the clothes, but they have a website and a newly opened store in Bristol Cabot Circus which I am eager to visit. They sell a lot of wardrobe staples which is great, because the clothes are good quality and long lasting, as well as some stunning unique pieces that you won't find in Topshop or Zara, so if you are looking for somewhere new to shop then I highly recommend checking out Olive. I'll be bookmarking items for my Birthday in five months time... :)


  1. Oh my goodness, scarf envy. I am obsessed with tartan at the moment and that scarf is beautiful. Hooray for best friends who just always seem to get it right!
    Olive looks like such a lovely place too, I really like individual shops like that - if I'm ever in Cheltenham I'll be sure to have a little look.

    1. It is just perfect! I think you would love the shop - it is so quaint and there's a basement too. I love it.
      N xo

  2. This looks gorgeous, I love the scarf really suits you! xx


  3. that is the perfect scarf! i have a nice tartan scarf from sara, but like you say, they aren't one offs and i see people wearing the same one left and right. i love unique boutiques like this. x

  4. That scarf looks lovely on you - so classic and chic! You are gorgeous too :) xo


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