6 August 2013

Review - Cafe Moochoo - Cheltenham

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit one of my favourite cafes in Cheltenham with my sister, Emily. We were out shopping for the day and fancied something light for lunch.
I discovered Cafe Moochoo in 2012 when I was wandering down the end of town I never usually venture towards because once you get past New Look, it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing area. 
However, if you give it a chance there are some lovely second hand book shops and pubs down this end of the spa town and the relaxed, homemade look about Cafe Moochoo drew me in.

The staff are lovely! Last summer when I lived in a flat a bit further down from this area I was in Moochoo's for my falafel wrap at least once a week. Safe to say they knew my order by the time uni started again and I had to move back to the other side of town.

If you like simple, nice food then Cafe Moochoo is worth a visit. They have a variety of wraps, sandwiches and paninis on offer as well as soup and a hot meal of the day. They also have homemade cakes and sausage rolls on display in the front window which are extremely hard to resist, and at about £1.50 each you can't go wrong with a slice of chocolate cake made by the lovely Lara.

Emily chose lemon San Pellegrino and I chose orange. Both refreshing and quite possibly the best carbonated soft drinks out there.

Everything is affordable and delicious but I can't help but order the same thing every time I visit. The falafel wraps are the best I have ever tasted. They are filled with little falafels, mango chutney and a tomato and red onion salad-relish, an excellent combination of flavours that I never would have thought to put together myself. 
The sweet mango chutney and the cool tomato and onion salad-relish compliment the spicy falafels perfectly.

What I love about this place is that when you order a sandwich, that's what you get, and that's what you pay for. Unlike most cafes these days that charge £5+ for a sandwich and then serve it with crisps and salad you didn't ask for, Moochoo serve what they state on the menu, and you can get the crisps and salad as extras if you really want them.

Emily had a sweet chilli chorizo and mozzarella panini - another tasty combo I have never come across before. 
We were stuffed by the time we'd finished so we passed on the cakes that day and got back to shopping.

Have you ever visited Cafe Moochoo? Is there a similar cafe in the town/city where you live? I love these types of places to eat so let me know your recommendations in the comment box below.


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