24 August 2013

Review - Brunch at The Other Place - Edinburgh

Last week I travelled up to Scotland to see one of my oldest and best friends, Jess. She is currently working at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Assembly Rooms as a stage manager for The Shawshank Redemption! Another post will be dedicated to that astounding production but for now I have to write about this great place in the new town - 'The Other Place.'

I arrived late afternoon last Wednesday and wandered around the beautiful city before meeting Jess and embarking on an exciting first night. Of course, the next day we were feeling a little fragile so on our way into town we passed this place, doors and windows wide open, a friendly welcoming vibe about the place drew us in and we sat down for some brunch.

I personally think everyone in Scotland is a million times more friendly than anywhere else in Britain, and the service at The Other Place was no excellent. We were promptly served our drinks by a casually dressed, yet smart and friendly waiter and waitress and when we had finished them we were quickly offered top ups. It took us a while to choose what to have to eat; there was a fair amount to choose from and different sized dishes which I liked because I often only have room for something small.

Eventually I settled on a simple but classic BLT. Jess opted for the 'Lonely Dog' one of the hot dogs on the menu with onions as an extra. There was a bit of a wait for the food but as the kitchen is visible from the seating area we could see that everything was being made fresh and to order, and we were in no rush.

Jess's Lonely Dog was a mix of beef and pork and served in a long bun with lots of onions. It was yummay! 

And here is my BLT... *Salivates*

I can't remember the last time I ordered a BLT, but I'm so glad I did because it was AHMAZIN. The bread was perfect - really rustic. The bacon was cooked well, but not too crispy, and the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and flavoursome - not at all soggy. It was all glued together with the right amount of mayo and served with a side of coleslaw. It gave me that much needed energy for my second day exploring Edinburgh.

'The Other Place' was reasonably priced - Jess's hot dog came to £7.50 and my sandwich £6. For such fresh and good quality food I was very impressed, and I liked the fact that their menu for lunch was the same at dinner time too. A lot of places up the prices come six o'clock which I don't think is fair. 'The Other Place' charge the same amount no matter what time of day and I think that makes them really stand out.

If you've ever visited 'The Other Place' in Edinburgh I'd love to know what you thought. They have a website which you can check out here. Are there are any other places you would recommend to eat? Tweet me @hello_flower or let me know in the comment box below.


  1. i went to edinburgh for new years but didn't see this place. it sounds amazing though xx


    1. It is a fairly new place I think, judging by their twitter account! But it really is a lovely little place I would recommend you go there next time you visit. Such tasty food! xo

  2. I love Edinburgh! That looks like a really place, love the photos x


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