26 August 2013

Devilishly Different - Fudge Kitchen - Edinburgh

When I was little I lived in Kent and there was a special fudge shop in Canterbury that my Mum and I visited every time we were shopping. The quaint shop wafted maple and butterscotch scents down the cobbled streets and my we could never resist the free samples of this warm, delicious, freshly made fudge.

Up until a couple of years ago I thought this fudge shop was exclusive to Canterbury! Oh how happy I was when I found out that there were branches all across Britain in Oxford, Bath, York, Windsor, Cambridge, Ripon and Edinburgh. I visited the Bath Fudge Kitchen last summer, and because I was visiting Edinburgh I had to find their branch too and get my free sample as well as a slab of a fudge in a flavour I had yet to try.

If you don't like typical touristy-chewy fudge, don't be put off. Fudge Kitchen use cream instead of butter which gives a unique texture and flavour, different from any fudge you have ever tried before and it tastes absolutely amazing.
I think it's so cool that they make the fudge right there in the shop in front of you. Everything is done so traditionally and I love the old fashioned feel about the place.

After a long walk down the high street in the old town in Edinburgh, I found the fudge kitchen and it was unsurprisingly busy. I headed in and was greeted by the very friendly gentlemen working behind the counter. The man pictured above was handing out samples of a warm batch of freshly made mint chocolate fudge - absolutely divine but I wanted to get something I hadn't tried before.

They also sell a range of sauces, drinking fudges, gift packages as well as gourmet butter fudge for those who like a more traditional taste. I've had the chocolate orange fudge sauce and made some super fudgey brownies with it, as well as a drinking fudge gift set last Christmas. All dee-licious but the original fudge wins hands down every time.

When I saw 'mocha choca swirl' behind the glass counter I had to get it because chocolate and coffee has to be one of my favourite flavour combinations ever. There is the worrying possibility that the coffee isn't as distinct as I like, which so often happens in coffee cakes I try when visiting cafes, but the Fudge Kitchen got it just right, balancing the chocolate, coffee and original fudge flavour perfectly. I intended to keep some for my family when I returned back to Wales but I ate most of it... Whoops.

Mmm mm mmmmmm. 

This fudge isn't cheap, but as a special treat I think it's worth the £4-£5 a slice it costs.

You can check out their website here where you can buy their products if you don't live near any of the shops. They make perfect Christmas presents - but be careful, the original fudge is fresh with no additives or preservatives so it only lasts ten days after purchasing. (Gourmet butter fudge lasts longer and they stock it in some stores such as Lakeland and Debenhams).

Have you visited any of the fudge kitchen shops? I think it's such an experience just to go in. The staff are always super friendly and lovely, and the smell of the place just... Oh my goodness. I would love to work there if I lived in any of the towns/cities in which they are based. A box of fudge kitchen fudge is definitely on my Christmas list this year.


  1. I've been past that shop, it looks so nice! But I hate Fudge sadly aha

    1. But have you tried this fudge? ;) it's ahmazin!

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE Fudge Kitchen! It seems pricey but it's so rich one slice can last you for aaages!xxx

    1. Isn't it just THE BEST fudge ever?! It usually lasts me ages but this flavour was so nice I ate it quicker than usual... haha! xo


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