9 December 2014

Winter's Dreams

Do you have a favourite time of day? I'm into mornings at the moment. As hard as it is to pull myself away from my bed, eyes barely able to fully open, and constantly yawning for the first half hour, once I'm awake for the day, it's fantastic.

Cold, crisp late mornings. On each one, the sun seems to be on a long-winded rise, slowly sitting at eye level, putting drivers in danger but wanderers, like me, in a state of contemplation and appreciation.

Through skinny stalks of nearly naked trees it kisses the day awake. It's a gentle stroke of warmth on my skin, and it unsticks the frosty blades of grass on which I walk.

Do you have a favourite time of year? I am more aware in winter - when it's quiet, and clear. I have the space to take it all in. No other season feels more nostalgic, beautiful – like home.

We walked through a park in Glasgow – I don't know which one – and I felt far away from my little doll's house life in Wales. I thought, I want to be in one of those buildings. I told you these things make me feel inspired, like there's something hurting in my chest that I need to get rid of by planning my dream life.

Perhaps a house one day, or even just a flat, if I could afford to. I'd love to spend Christmas day in one of those homes, I said to Sarah, looking into the wide windows of spacious apartments, furnished with enormous armchairs and bookshelves, and blessed with the view of the green and gold park.

Why is it so hard to do these things, though? Make a decision, believe that it's right, and just do it. Step out of the moment of the winter morning and do what you wanted to do when you felt most alive. And if it's not right, then never mind. It should be that simple, shouldn't it? What is stopping us?
To live among such beauty would do wonders for the mind, I'm sure of it – I had a taste of it that day.



  1. I couldn't agree with you more I set an alarm for 6am now everyday as it's so nice to make the most of the morning xx

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I always think the same - how nice it'd be to spend Christmas in a cosy posh house that smells of cinnamon and books ha ha xx


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