2 December 2014

Patty & Bun – James St, London

Back in July I tasted my first true burger. By true I mean what I have been looking for my whole life. Shake Shack had an out of this world offering – juicy beef patty, melted cheese – not too strong – fresh salad and special sauce all squished between a soft, shiny brioche bun. It was gone in minutes and my views on burgers were changed forever.

I'm not one to go to the same place more than once (you bloggers know how it is), so when Bethan and I went to London last month I suggested Patty & Bun. I had heard great things from a number of people and blogs, and although I wasn't feeling very well I couldn't say no to another one of these special burgers I had recently discovered.

We went to the James St restaurant which is just off Oxford Street, so it was quite busy and there was a short wait but we were made to feel very welcome by the server (don't think he told us his name, but he made fun of Bethan's).

Once inside we got to have a proper look around what was the tiniest burger joint I have ever seen. Patty & Bun is pretty big in the burger scene and yet it has managed to maintain its unique, independent-style feel, which I'd be happy to accept for the lack of space.

We were served promptly and we both ordered the same thing – two 'Ari Gold' cheeseburgers, two cokes and a portion of rosemary salt chips to share. Although the food came quickly, we were given an extra portion of chips which we hadn't asked for and they had left the bacon out of my burger, but this was fixed in no time – the staff were lovely.
I couldn't eat the whole thing but what I did eat was just incredible. I don't think I've ever described a burger as tender, but that's what this one was. They serve them pink which means you know it's good beef, and all the toppings made it even more special. I wish I had been feeling myself because I just know I would have enjoyed it all even more. I'll be going back for sure, but until then I'll just drool over the photos and the online menu...


  1. I love rare/ medium rare meat and that sounds incredible, the burger really looks delicious...you've made me starving x

  2. I'm not a burger person but this looks incredible! It looks and sounds like a place with a lovely atmosphere - good staff make all the difference!

    Heather x


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