2 November 2013

Review - The Fig Tree Espresso - Abergavenny

My good friend Elly came back to Abergavenny this week as it was reading week at her University, so we decided to go for a coffee and a catch up at The Fig Tree Espresso. Situated in the centre of Abergavenny, the recently opened coffee shop is a quaint and cosy snug in which friends can enjoy uniquely flavoured coffees and a wide range of teas, as well as cakes and pastries, too. 

Accompanied by a relaxed soundtrack and friendly service, a visit to The Fig Tree Espresso makes a nice change to the tinny clatter of larger, chain coffee shops. 

Handwritten blackboards add to the homely feel to the place and there is plenty to choose from despite the small space.

This is what I like to see - Autumn Drinks, and ones I haven't seen anywhere else.


And lots of teas to choose from. Although I don't usually go for tea when I visit coffee shops, there is plenty for the tea lovers.

Difficult light to work with but here is a snap of the cake that Elly decided she couldn't resist - the pumpkin cake with cinnamon icing - yum!

Look at all those jars of tea leaves... and syrups. I could happily live in that coffee shop.

Aren't these cups the cutest? I love the colours.

I wasn't very hungry but these pastries were tempting...

Usually by the end of the day cafes and coffee shops are all out of pastries. In fact, I visited one recently at around 11am and all the croissants were gone :( 

Dotted on the walls of the coffee shop were various pieces of artwork for sale. This one in particular caught my eye. I think it's stunning - the colours and the textures suit the shop and its decor. My parents are re-decorating my bedroom at home soon and I'm planning to gather some interesting pieces to hang on the walls. I would love something just like this.

There is more to this shop than meets the eye. You can also buy bottled drinks and preserves.

Soon enough our drinks arrived; I ordered the Gingersnap Cappuccino. It was damn tasty, and the lovely waitress steamed the milk into a frothy heart. It's the little things.

Elly ordered the 'Chococo' - a coconut hot chocolate, and a slice of the pumpkin cake.

A perfect place to catch up with an old friend. I will definitely be revisiting The Fig Tree Espresso - if only to try out the other Autumn drinks. When we left it was dark and we decided it was officially Autumn/Winter - yay!

Do you have a favourite local coffee shop?


  1. Mmm...looks lovely! I imagine a gingersnap cappucino is delicious!

    1. It was lovely! Can't wait to go again xo

  2. mmm So cute)



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