17 November 2013

Lazy Sunday Tea - Eggy Bread, Bacon & Maple Syrup

If you hadn't already guessed, I like bacon, and eggs, and maple syrup. At any time of the day.
I was feeling lazy and everyone else in the house had gone out for the evening so I decided to make myself a super quick, easy and yummy tea: eggy bread & bacon with maple syrup.

To make this I simple whisked up a couple of eggs, soaked one slice of white bread in the mixture for a few minutes, heated a frying pan with a bit of butter and chucked the bread and bacon all in one and cooked on a medium heat for about five to ten minutes. 

Served with a generous pouring of Canadian maple syrup and a glass of water (to equal it all out, heh), tea was served in no time and my tummay was happy. Oh so happy.

This is my go to lazy Sunday tea and I love it. Do you like your eggy bread sweet or savoury? Or both mixed together?


  1. Yummy this looks delicious & I'm so hungry right now haha xxx


  2. Omgosh i want this now, i always eat breakfast food in the evening hehe x

    1. Sometimes it just tastes better in the evening :) xo


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