15 November 2013

£1 Primark Fashion Nails

This is weird. I cannot stop admiring my nails. Even stranger, I am writing a blog post about them. But seriously, check them out. I am not usually a fan of stars - or fake nails for that matter - but I love these. And the best part is that they were just £1. £1! Well done, Primark.

As always with Primark, these 'fashion nails' were a needle in a haystack. I must have been in a patient and determined mood the day I picked these up because the amount of other - quite frankly hideous - fake nails I sifted through before I found these was quite overwhelming. (Some 'L.O.V.E' and 'H.A.T.E' nails were among such gems...)

The 24 nails come neatly packaged with a little tube of glue which is super strong - I got it all over my fingers, but a dab of nail varnish remover sorted it no problem. The important thing is that it secures the nails in place.

In terms of size, I found ten among the twenty-four that fit my nails perfectly. I wasn't keen on the length but I had a nail file to hand, and after I had applied them I filed them right down to a size I liked.

The last time I tried fake nails was when I was twelve with my friend Philippa in the summer holidays. We went to an all girls grammar school where things like make up and nail varnish were strictly prohibited so we went a little 'crazy' at the end of year seven. We were a little too into the french manicure and bought the most 'natural' set from Boots. Thankfully we went through that phase nice and early! Since then I have never paid much attention to my nails. I try to take good care of them but they are quite weak and bendy and usually break once they get to a certain length.

As you can see I filed them down to a fairly natural length. I am not used to having long nails so I wanted them to be a comfortable length so that I could carry on doing everything I usually do.

For £1 I am extremely impressed by these fake nails. I was expecting them to come with self-adhesive strips on the back of them but the glue is very strong and they feel sturdy and secure. I am not expecting them to last too long, but for a party or a night out these are excellent. I don't have a very steady hand so drawing this design on my real nails is out of the question. They aren't likely to go with your every day outfit anyway, so for a day or two these fake nails are a bargain.

What do you think? I still can't get over the price of these and am tempted to go and buy some more!


  1. I think these look amazing and for the price too!!! I love their eyelashes too xxx

    1. I was eyeing up the eyelashes actually - don't know why I didn't get some but I think I will next time! xo

  2. I love these! I'm the same as you; not bothered by fake nails. But these look awesome.

  3. They actually look really nice! I'm quite shocked, actually! x

  4. I love these nails! I don't normally wear fake nails either but have just tried Primark's £1 bargains myself. I loved some cute polka dot/cat ones and blogged about them. I've also got some blue ones with little yellow daisies on that I've yet to put on. I was really surprised by how good they were. This design is really cute.
    Rachel x

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