2 April 2015

Cereal Killer Cafe – Shoreditch

I was sucked into the Cereal Killer Cafe hype, and I'm not even sorry. I love breakfast, and I love cereal a lot, so when I read about this place opening last year I knew I had to go. Back in January when I visited my friend Elly, we went over to Shoreditch on a Sunday morning and waited in line for forty five minutes – apparently Sunday is the day for Londoners to go out for brunch.

Once we were inside the excitement levels peaked, and we had to shut up and decide what we were going to order. There was a lot of cereal to choose from, not to mention milk, toppings and sides. We thought it might have been helpful to have a hand out menu to read while queuing to save feeling rushed when we finally got to the front of the queue, but that's about the only criticism I have. This place was awesome.

I went for a cereal cocktail called The Lion King, mainly because I friggin love lions, the lion king, anything lion-y, and also because it looked darn delicious.

It was about 1 o'clock so I also ordered toast with peanut butter and nutella and a coffee – a cereal killer feast! The service was prompt and friendly – they've got the system under control, I'll give them that – and I was especially happy with was the seating arrangement. While queuing we worried we would get our food and then have nowhere to sit, but the done thing at Cereal Killer Cafe is to wait in line and then go find a seat – no queuing while your pal nabs a table. This meant we could eat our cereal straight away in the 90s style basement, Care Bear table light and everything.

Elly ordered the same as me and Simon picked Reese's puffs with oreos for a topping. Did I mention the milk? It was toffee flavoured and out of this world tasty. You might be thinking all of this sounds like sugar overload, but I promise it was on the same scale of sweetness as a bowl of coco pops.

Mars mix topping made my cereal cocktail 100%. The toast and coffee were spot on, too. Overall I give Cereal Killer Cafe 9.5/10, and highly recommend it to all my fellow breakfast lovers. Price wise it was pretty decent, too. My meal came to £8 which I think is reasonable for breakfast in London. 

There were so many other cereal cocktails I wanted to try – the chocolate orange being one (think coco shreddies and orange juice!) and I'll be going back next time I'm in London, for sure. The hype ain't worn off yet.



  1. This looks amazing I absolutely can or wits to go here! We've just had one open up in Manchester, so glad cereal is becoming a thing!

    Sophia :)

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