20 September 2014

Bubble Tea from Cupp – Bristol

I was in Bristol a couple of weekends ago, avoiding revision, seeking out the next place to feature on What Naomi Wrote, you know how it is.
I had just devoured a plate of bacon and eggs on toast at Carluccio's for my breakfast and was so thirsty, so when we wandered down the street and passed Cupp, I was there, straight away.

I first discovered bubble tea two years ago at the Abergavenny Food Festival (which is on again this weekend – keep your eyes peeled for a super-foodie post dedicated to the event) and it was love at first taste.

I love tea (admittedly, not as much as coffee, but I still drink it every day) and I love iced tea, which is basically what bubble tea is, but with BUBBLES. And they are what make it so special.

So, first you choose what tea you want, and I alllllways choose jasmine green because it is the tastiest blend of tea EVER. Then you pick a flavour – I chose peach – and your tapioca pearls (the bubbles) – they had to be passion fruit.

They shake it up in a fancy machine and then seal it with a piercable film, through which you jab a giant straw. Then all that's left to do is enjoy your bubble tea, and it is the most fun drinking experience to be had, I'm telling you.

The big straw allows the bubbles to be sucked up and they pop in your mouth – like those mini bath melts – releasing their juicy sweetness which, if you pick the right combination of tea and bubbles, can taste amazing, and mine certainly did.

It was just what I fancied on a late summer's day. Even though winter is on it's way, I think I'll be enjoying iced drinks throughout the colder months, no matter how many weird looks I get! Bubble tea is something I could quite happily drink every day. I might have to venture out and try a new flavour... although the milk version doesn't appeal to me.

Price-wise, this stuff doesn't come cheap. But if you're used to paying £3+ for your beverages, you're onto a winner with Cupp's bubble tea. I personally think it's worth it, if not just for the fun factor of drinking the stuff, and if there was one in my town I'd be there every weekend.

Have you ever been to Cupp, or even tried bubble tea? It's been a thing in the UK for a few years now but it hasn't quite reached the same level of hype as the pumpkin spiced latte – it's a love it or hate it kind of beverage. But if you like iced tea, then you'll love bubble tea. Find out more here on the Cupp website – they're a great little business and one that deserves more recognition.



  1. I love drinking iced drinks all year round and bubble t is still high on my list, definitely need to take a trip into brighton to try- it definitely doesn't look as a nice as this place though!!! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. I've never tried a bubble tea, but I tried the tapioca pearls on frozen yoghurt this summer and they were SO FUN to eat! I'm at uni in Bristol so definitely need to find Cupp and give this a try :)

    1. Oh my gosh, never tried that!
      Yes you most definitely should :) jealous of you living and studying in Bristol ;)
      N xo

  3. I've seen these drinks so much lately here in Belgium and I am still wondering where to get them! They look sooo delicious! Loved this post, I'll remember the spots you'll mention on your blog in case I visit Bristol one day :) xx

  4. I love bubbletea! My favourite is a classic milk tea with red bean and tapioca, mmm! x


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