27 August 2014

Pre-Shopping Coffee Stop at Clements – Belfast

Stopping for coffee is a must when embarking on a day of shopping. In this case, we stopped before we started, and why not? I had read about Clements online when I was researching some places to visit while in Ireland, and although it's a little dated in its outward appearance, it's what's on the inside that counts... most of the time. 

This branch is situated on Lisburn Road – my new favourite location for coffee, lunch and sweet treats. 

The lights made this place. It might have looked like any other cafe without them, but cosy and cute nonetheless. We made our way to the bar but were quickly told to take a seat as it was table service. Well, I had never experienced anything like that in a coffee shop before, but it was lovely, and we were served by an ever so friendly and attentive waiter.

I decided that this was my chance to try something different. As much as I love plain old black coffee, I was feeling adventurous. So adventurous that I went for a flat white, something I haven't had in a loooong time.

I worked in a coffee shop for a few months last year and so I'm a little bit judgmental of how other people make and serve their drinks in other places (sorry, I can't help it). My flat white was verging on a cappuccino, but it was strong and creamy and so delicious – I forgave them for the froth.

I couldn't have a coffee without a cake, and although I was expecting a pastry, this raspberry slice thingy-ma-bob was a taste sensation! It was a bit like a bakewell tart, but without that funky marzipan taste. I've been loving raspberries in cakes recently. I made a batch of raspberry and almond brownies when I got back from Ireland and they were ah-mazing, I'm telling you.

Bethan's beautiful latte. Although I'm not a fan of milky coffee, if crafted well it can look absolutely stunning, and even more so when served in a glass.

The girls got milkshakes and a sausage roll which Bethan and I helped them finish ;) then it was off to the city centre to shop.

Here I am in my element. I love wandering around the streets of cities that are new to me. Thanks so much to Claire for recommending Liberty Blue and Victoria Square. I loved shopping in Belfast and, as you can see, managed to stuff my handbag full of... well, stuff.

Have you ever been to Clements? It looks as if it's exclusive to Ireland, so if you live there then I envy you! I think more regular trips are in order, as writing this is making me miss the city, coffee, people and accents so much.



  1. You are GORGEOUS, I love the lights in the cafe they look so pretty, I know exactly what you mean about judging service and quality when you've worked somewhere it's soooo bad haha but you can't shake it xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. You always flatter me so, Jess!
      Hope you're well xx

    2. I mean it though, you have such natural beauty whereas I basically paint my make-up on! I hope you have a lovely weekend, you are always up to something lovely xxx


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