10 January 2018

East Village Cafe - Bristol

The arch house deli had been a highlight of many visits to Clifton village, a corner of Bristol I frequent most weekends, actually – it’s so close to where I live.

I once had the most delicious chunk of cheese from that deli. I don’t know what it was – a comte or gruyere – I couldn’t tell you, but a nice man wrapped it in wax paper for me and I paid £6.50 for the privilege of midnight nibbles and after-work snacks like no other.

You can imagine my sadness then, when the arch house deli closed last year! I was so sad, that I did what any normal, loyal, person would do, and stuck my nose up at the news of a vegetarian/vegan café taking its place. My stubbornness didn’t last long, however, (it never does), as I popped in for some cake and coffee one Saturday before Christmas and LOVED the place.

I’m not usually this fickle but all good things must come to an end and better things can often take their place and old doors close and new ones open etc etc etc.

Anyway, since East Village took over the space, it seems to have doubled in size, and is so much brighter, too. An original lover of flamingos (before every major retailer took it too far), my eyes fixated on the flamingo print – it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and I want it for my future home. I’ll also have greenery draping from the ceiling and gold and silver stars on the walls; a sweet, fun and homey yet enviably stylish setting for coffee catch ups. East Village Cafe certainly fits in with its neighbours – which include some of my absolute favourites; Anna Cake Couture and Papersmiths to name a couple.

While on the surface East Village Cafe looks to be just another place for Basics to Instagram their coffee and cake against a fuzzy backdrop of glowing gold and green (that would be me) – something Bristol definitely does not need – it is, in fact, exactly what Clifton needs. The vegetarian and vegan cafes are sparse in this particular area of the city, and as this way of living becomes more popular the demand must be met. East Village Café filled a gap in the market with a menu made up entirely of vegetarian and vegan food and drink and I couldn't be happier about it.

As a temporary vegan, this café appeals to me. I can go in and order absolutely anything without having to look for the (V) sign. Isn’t that great! I save all of three minutes of my menu browsing experience.

Anyway, these are the cakes Emily and I got: 

Carrot cake with, what tasted like, coconut cream (yum).

And the last slice of their cranberry bakewell tart (YUM). 

Along with the interior decor, we especially liked the cutlery and crockery. These things matter, deeply, and East Village Cafe is smart to take care in these aspects of its new business. Anything aesthetically pleasing will find its way onto the 'gram, and that's free advertising. I have a feeling this place is here to stay, so check it out next time you're in the village. If you can try a slice of the Nordic blueberry pie then definitely DO. It's incredible and, like, Nordic Bakery standard.



  1. I love your reviews of places in Brizzle. Saving them up for the future ;)
    I can't believe the Arch House Deli has closed! But this looks like a fitting replacement. On my list to try next time I'm in town! x

  2. This was such a useful post for me. I'm moving to Bristol on my own this month, and I know very little about the city so I'll be sure to check it out. Although... I'm a little heartbroken by the loss of that deli, it sounded delicious.
    I'd love to explore the city as much as possible over the next few months, I'm gonna read a few of your recommendations now. If you have any must-go places for a newbie, let me know, I'd love to visit them! xxx

    xx Beth
    My twitter is @Beth_Kempster :) :)


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