12 November 2017

Katie & Kim's Kitchen – Bristol

A weekend void of brunch is a sad weekend indeed. Whether you're a stay-at-home, breakfast-in-bed kinda gal/guy, or, like me, long to get out into the fresh morning and find a new place to absorb, starting the weekend with delicious food is just the best.

A few doors down from my absolute favourite burger joint, Oowee Diner, is Katie & Kim's Kitchen, a gorgeous little cafe in Picton Street with the most delightful aesthetic. Walking inside to an enormous wooden table, which takes up most of the space of the cafe, gives this place a really welcoming atmosphere. It's lovely, sitting next to strangers who have a sliver of something in common with you.

Fresh orange and grapefruit juice made from the fruit in the bowl on our table – just yes.

Side note: ain't this girl a dream? If you're not already following Emily, go and check out her Instagram now – her blog is a must-read, too. We're going to Paris next week and this breakfast was supposed to be a time for us to make a plan for our trip. There were too many distractions, though, namely the food.

Em ordered the sardines on toast and I had the cheddar and rosemary scone with poached eggs and greens. This was confirmation (if it were even needed) that the best food is simple. Good quality, small quantities (sometimes), prepared and assembled with thought and care. Slow eating, real plates, like sitting in a friend's kitchen and eating their signature dish. I can't wait to go back.

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