12 May 2016

Sticks & Broth – Bristol

Ramen in Bristol – it's a thing. I'm not sure how long Sticks & Broth has been around but I sure wish I'd found it sooner. It is my absolute favourite place to go out for lunch in the city centre and for the price (£6.50 menu between 12 and 4!) it is unbeatable for authentic Japanese food.

My good friend Elly came to visit me agggges ago and I knew she'd love Sticks & Broth as much as I do – we both lost our ramen virginities when we visited Bone Daddies last year.

The house ramen is my favourite, but recently I've been loving their curry don; japanese curry sauce, rice & salad with either katsu chicken or grilled tofu. I had the katsu chicken and it came with a generous helping of my favourite pickled ginger. If you love that stuff as much as I do there's a bowl of it on the table for you to go crazy over, as well as your very own garlic and crusher,
I also had a Fentiman's rose lemonade – this is the best soft drink in the world IMO and it pairs especially well with Japanese food.

Sticks & Broth takes the top spot for best katsu curry in Bristol, too – and I've tried a lot of katsu curries. The chicken was crispy, the rice sticky and the sauce perfect in flavour and spice. Every time I finish a bowl of curry don I want another one, but then the afternoon slump hits me and I'm ready for a nap :)

It's easy to get lured in by the plethora of chains in Bristol city centre, but there are so many hidden gems among these streets and Sticks & Broth is one you should seek out. You'll pay less, eat more and enjoy a much more authentic experience – I think, anyway.


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