28 April 2016

New York: Sweet Treats

It's unlikely that you'll ever go hungry in New York, but when you're in a city you might only get to visit once, you've just gotta keep eating – that's my motto, anyway. I'm a snacker, there's no denying it, and when I'm traveling I go all out and indulge like there's no tomorrow. If, like me, you like a sweet treat in between your three square meals, take note of the following and get yourself on a plane to NYC pronto. You can thank me later.

Levain Bakery - 167 West 74th Street 

If you're looking for the best cookies in the world, you can stop searching and head straight to Levain Bakery. You'll queue (but not for long) and besides, it's worth the wait. Another recommendation of Miho's, Levain Bakery was my favourite find in New York. 

For just $4 you get a big, fat, cakey cookie that'll make you wonder why you ever bothered with anything else. Mine was so big it lasted me three days, so go on an empty(ish) stomach. There are a few flavours to choose from, but I'd recommend the walnut & chocolate chip. Crisp on the outside, deliciously doughy on the inside, Levain Bakery know how to make a cookie (the best cookie).

Dough in City Kitchen, 700 8th Ave

Having read rave reviews about Dough, I had high hopes for their doughnuts, but I have to say, I've had better (The Big O Donut Co, for example). Having said that, I'd still happily chow down on one of these ginormous doughnuts because, well, doughnuts. 

Huge (like everything in America), Dough's offering is 'artisan' and very pleasing to the eye. They had an interesting array of flavours. like hibiscus and passionfruit, which was what I loved most. I went for the 'cafe au lait' thinking I'd be biting into a coffee flavoured doughnut. Wrong. I'd been tricked into eating America's version of coffee cake – something you eat with coffee. I learnt my lesson when I tried a bite of Jess' passionfruit doughnut. It was sharp and sweet with a sprinkling of chocolate nibs on the glaze – this was the good stuff. We had coffee hot and milky for Jess and black iced for me – the perfect pick-me-up to see us through an evening soaking up Times Square.

Milk Bar 251 East 13th Street

Milk is where I imagine all the cool kids in New York go. With their quirky flavours (cereal soft whip!), photo montages of dogs and down to earth staff, even the name of the place, Milk oozes creativity and love. I had a coffee milkshake and it was the most deliciously malty, buttery, beautiful drink I have ever had. 

Magnolia Bakery – multiple locations

I couldn't write this post – or visit New York – without a visit to the Magnolia Bakery. Made famous by Sex and the City, the Magnolia Bakery never fails to please. So good are their cupcakes that I had to go back and buy another.

Since my last visit in 2009 The Magnolia Bakery has whittled down the flavour options to just vanilla and chocolate, which is fine by me. I can say that these are, without a doubt, the best cupcakes in the world. From the springy flavour-filled sponge to the rich yet light and creamy, moreish frosting, it's like a dream you never want to end (so kill me for using the oldest cliche in the book, but honestly, it's true).

I'm trying to figure out what the secret is to these cupcakes, and all of the above, actually. Anyone know? 


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