2 December 2015

Cocktails at Aluna – Bristol

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch party of a new cocktail bar in Bristol. Of course, I said yes - ocktails are my favourite. Em, Libby, George and I went along to Aluna straight after work and began making our way through the drinks menu.
From classic mojitos and cosmos to the bizarre marshmallow daiquiris and lava lamps, there was something for us all. Em's Show Stopper was set alight at our table, and although performances including fire always impress me, the drink itself was a bit too sickly - like a strawberry yoghurt drink! My banoffeerama, however, was delicious.Our bartender Paddy making a drink with Aluna's special apple caviar. One of my favourites was the Mochatini. This was a chocolate version of my all-time favourite cocktail the espresso martini and it was SO delicious, like a dessert liquefied.George had a marshmallow daiquiri – it was so sweet but the marshmallow topping was ridiculously good.The very cool colour-changing cocktail – it tasted awful, though. Like medicine and chemicals :(George being a beautiful angel.

Libby loved her strawberry mojitos, and my favourite of the night was the strawberry daiquiri. Sadly, there were only so many I could drink and at about 10pm we all headed home slightly gigglier than when we arrived.Aluna also has a bar in Birmingham which, according to xAmeliax is also amazing. I highly recommend it for a night out, especially if, like me, you're not a fan of clubs.
Check out the full menu of fancy cocktails over at Aluna's website - they serve food, too.



  1. Going out for cocktails is one of my favourite activities! Will maybe have to find an excuse to head down to Aluna with a few friends :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Definitely worth a visit, Jennifer. So many cocktails to choose from, take a big group :)

      N xo

  2. WOW you look gorgeous lady and I love a cocktails tasting sesh ;) V jealous xxx


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