18 August 2015

French Toast at The Angel – Abergavenny

This isn't the first time The Angel Hotel has featured on What Naomi Wrote - one of my first posts was all about the afternoon tea they serve (outstanding, a must for any afternoon tea lover, ie everyone) and when I recently had a taste of their breakfast menu I thought it was too good an experience not to share with you.

The Angel is my favourite place to go to for food and drink in Abergavenny – it is just outstanding in every respect. In recent years the standard of service and food has improved significantly. I frequently choose cocktails in the bar at The Angel over a cheap glass of wine at spoons – maybe I'm growing up, spending my money more wisely, but these days quality appeals more to me than quantity, more so than ever before. 

Bethan and Josh were in Abergavenny for the day and it's become a bit of a tradition for us to meet for breakfast. The Angel is the only place in town that offers such an  extensive menu and it's become my go-to for a special treat on a weekend. You certainly get what you pay for and it's damn good.

Seeing french toast served with bacon and syrup on the menu makes it difficult for me to even consider anything else, but I was happy with my choice. The french toast was eggy and fluffy and four rashers of crispy bacon was beyond generous.

The only criticism I have is that the syrup was golden, and not maple like the description on the menu had promised. It tasted great but I thought it was a bit cheeky to skimp out on something so imperative to the dish!
Despite this, I was happy with my plate and the coffee that came in a smart little cafetiere. (It's very important to me that my coffee is still hot when my food arrives).

Josh and Bethan devoured their full English and sausage and egg roll. Bethan's tea came in a beautiful black cast iron teapot while Josh stuck to orange juice (he's one of those who doesn't like tea or coffee). Then it was off to the hairdresser's for Bethan and a little bit of wedding dress window shopping... also for Bethan. She and Josh are getting married next year and I'm a bridesmaid!

Where do you go for a special treat breakfast? I'm working my way through the menu at The Angel – Josh's full English looked so yummy, I think I'll be ordering that next time.

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