8 March 2015

The Breakfast Club – London Bridge

Up, make up done and on the tube by 8.30am on a Saturday? Not something I would do if it weren't for the promise of breakfast. As you well know, it's my favourite meal – I especially love going out to enjoy it – but I had heard of long queues for The Breakfast Club, and I knew I had to get there early.
I had wanted to go here for so long, and much like my visit to Bone Daddies the night before, it was worth the wait, and the very early start.
I met Iesha, my friend from university, just after 9 o'clock when London was still waking up. If you ever want to really see the city, it's early on a Saturday morning when the paths are clear and architecture is unobstructed. 

I found The Breakfast Club – just a short walk from London Bridge tube station – and was seated straight away. I soaked up the rare treat that is a Saturday spent in a new place with an old friend, enjoying good food and coffee.

I have a habit of knowing what I'm going to order before I properly consider everything on the menu, but Iesha took a bit longer deciding. In the end we both ordered the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and what came was the biggest stack of pancakes I had seen since I went to New York in 2009.

Four huge fluffy pancakes piled high, drenched in maple syrup and lots of crispy bacon on top with a dusting of icing sugar. The serving was undoubtedly generous, which was welcome considering we paid £8.50 each, and it filled us up, ready for the day.

The only criticism I have is that the maple syrup wasn't served on the side – I like pouring it myself – and that the bacon was a little bit too crispy – hard, almost. Having said that, I wouldn't hesitate to go back here and try something else on the menu. There is an enormous amount to choose from and that's always a good thing in my books.

Have you been to The Breakfast Club? Where's your favourite place to go for breakfast?


  1. There's a Breakfast Club just around the corner from me and I'd just love to try it out now! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. THOSE PANCAKES look amazing I literally said the other day when I made some betty crocker shake in bottle ones that I want an american stack haha xxx

  3. oh BC - i do love their pancakes. i'm glad you liked it! and i agree, the city at that time is so nice, very different from the usual manic mode. x

  4. That looks amazing! I'm off to London in a few weeks so I might try to make a stop off there haha

    Sam, SPRKSAM


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